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Finally, Figure 5D shows the year-cumulative number of PPR-related deaths. doi: 10.1017/S0950268809991592, 3. 30. Results of our model suggests that vaccination campaigns done following the GSCE guidelines coupled with identification procedure could be an economically viable option to control PPR in Mauritania. In Mauritania, PPR outbreaks occur annually despite ongoing annual vaccination campaigns since 2008. For SR strategies, independently of the month, the cost of vaccination campaign is always increasing. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. (2018) 13:0191565. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0191565, 27. Rhinotracheitis is a herpes virus and causes fever, sneezing, a runny nose and eyes. The virus can infect camels (3–5), cattle, and buffalos (3, 6) although their role in the transmission remains unclear. Summary table of disease impact survey by type of rearing. The targeted strategies and the GSCE ones rely on the targeted vaccination of young animals, thus reducing the number of doses to distribute. 24Reasons why there are three well-integrated components 4. In this analysis, we focus on direct benefits coming from the avoided losses due to PPR related deaths (BS) and avoided treatment expenses (BM) to assess the economic impact of the vaccination. These outbreaks are related to the rapid concentration of animals in urban areas, and the consequent burst of transmission. doi: 10.1016/j.prevetmed.2018.12.007. The “identification and screening” procedure is economically advantageous until its cost is < the cost of vaccinating all animals (cV*Q). doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0199547, 26. BCR values for vaccination campaigns implement in the period December-March fluctuate between the two values reported in this article. 37–41%) (40). Consequently, implementing a vaccination campaign in this period has the highest benefit. Moreover, due to the permeability of the borders and the lack of an integrated control and surveillance system in the area, PPR cannot be fully eradicated from Mauritania. OIE (2013). The segment's length quantifies the number of wasted doses (W). Few cases and deaths were registered in the adult class. Main content area. 22. The vaccine is the only way to combat the disease by controlling and subsequently eradicating it. For the other two strategies (SM and GSCE), the vaccination costs are slightly higher than the targeted ones due to the massive vaccinations at the beginning. The small ruminant population (sheep and goats) demographics and transmission dynamics were simulated using a deterministic age-stratified compartmental model, without differentiating animals according to their species or their spatial location. One of the most widely used PPR vaccines is the Nigeria 75/1 strain obtained after attenuation by repeated passages in cell cultures of the wild-type isolate collected from sick sheep and goats during PPR outbreaks in Nigeria . doi: 10.1016/j.prevetmed.2005.02.011, 4. doi: 10.1201/b14835, 42. The BCR estimated for GSCE strategies in our model varies between 19.4 and 24.9 depending on the month of implementation. Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Tests Price in India State-wise: The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has left it to state governments to decide the cost of Covid-19 tests. Get contact details & address of companies manufacturing and supplying Veterinary Vaccines, Animal Vaccine, Vet Vaccines across India. In stage 2, mass vaccination (100%) of all animals older than 3 months of age is suggested in a first phase, followed by a phase of targeted vaccination of animals between 4 and 12 months of age. • Mixed scenario (SM): National Strategy (SR) for the first 5 years, and targeted vaccination (ST) for the remaining years. (2010) 33:1–25. (2014). 40. (2007) 25:5591–7. Intersection between the line and the shaded area indicate the maximum affordable screening cost for the period. Others have a charge for the vaccine itself, a charge for administering the vaccine (injecting the vaccine into your body), an additional charge for the office or clinic visit. The use of a dynamical model allowed us to monitor the population distribution across the different epidemiological compartments at each time step of the simulation, but also to estimate the wastage of vaccine doses (W) due to re-vaccination of animals and vaccination of naturally immunized ones. (2010) 138: 1211–4. Antibody seroprevalences against peste des petits ruminants (PPR) virus in camels, cattle, goats and sheep in Ethiopia. For each animal, information about species, sex, and age (based on teeth counting) were also collected. The maximal cost for screening cs depends on the prevalence and the vaccination strategy. As long as the cost of vaccinating all animals is higher than the one of identifying and vaccinated only un-identified animals, the identification is a viable cost: Where the left side of Equation (7) corresponds to the cost of vaccinating all the animals (identified and not) while the right side corresponds to the cost of vaccinating (and identifying) only the un-identified animals (Q-W). The core FVRCP vaccine also prevents rhinotracheitis and calicivirus – which are upper respiratory viruses of cats. Menu Search. Where YoungCases_Averted and AdultCases_Averted indicate the number of PPR cases averted in the young and adult groups. Either Eradication requires a coordinated action at regional level with all countries in the region implementing vaccination policies aiming at covering 70–80% of the population of small ruminants and/or vaccinating imported animals at the border. Del Valle SY, Hyman JM, Chitnis N. Mathematical models of contact patterns between age groups for predicting the spread of infectious diseases. Available online at: Figure 5. Tools 25 4.1. An outbreak of peste des petits ruminants (PPR) in camels in the Sudan. Four different vaccination strategies have been considered and their implementation simulated in four different periods of the year. PPR virus (PPRV) is transmitted through close contact between infected and susceptible animals. Zahur AB, Irshad H, Ullah A, Afzal M, Latif A, Ullah RW, et al. As expected, the mixed strategy's (SM) effects become more evident with time. EFSA Panel on Animal Health and Welfare (AHAW). Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR) is a viral infectious disease affecting domestic (goats and sheep) and small wild ruminants (1, 2). Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) is a disease of small ruminants caused by peste des petits ruminants virus (PPRV), and is endemic in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. In all scenarios, vaccine is given to animals older than 3 months of age, since younger age animals might be protected by maternal antibodies and still have an immature immune system (11, 28). Since then, the disease has been considered endemic in the country. Parameters estimation was done by fitting the fraction of the immune animals and the fraction of fatal cases to the serological data of Table 2 and the fatal cases of Table 3. where Na is the population in the a-th age-group. The effectiveness is estimated as the economic benefit by single dose distributed, as an example 1 USD invested in SR strategy in December returns 7.15 USD more. doi: 10.1098/rsif.2009.0386, Keywords: PPR, West Africa, mathematical modeling, vaccination, cost-benefit analysis, global strategy for control and eradication (GSCE), Citation: ElArbi AS, Kane Y, Metras R, Hammami P, Ciss M, Beye A, Lancelot R, Diallo A and Apolloni A (2019) PPR Control in a Sahelian Setting: What Vaccination Strategy for Mauritania? Find here Veterinary Vaccines, Animal Vaccine manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. R: A Language and Environment for Statistical Computing. Available online at:, 12. We also used the model to assess if and under which conditions identification and “identification and screening” could be viable procedures to reduce the number of vaccine doses to distribute by minimizing vaccination wastage. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. A thermostable presentation of PPR vaccine (Nigeria 75/1) was adopted using a combination of TD and LS stabilizers by Mariner and co workers. 39. CDC is not responsible for Section 508 compliance (accessibility) on other federal or private website. We initially run the baseline scenario, where no vaccination is implemented. doi: 10.3201/eid2002.131345, 41. The construction of next-generation matrices for compartmental epidemic models. in other parts of Africa. The daily trend of population is provided in Figure 5A, with peaks corresponding to the two birthing periods. We assumed that: with β1 ≪ β0. Diallo A, Minet C, Le Goff C, Berhe G, Albina E, Libeau G, et al. (2006) 18:99–103. Central point vaccination was the most cost-effective vaccination strategy when >88% of the dog population was confined. The calibration provided estimations for the demographic and epidemiological parameters. A single, affordable multivalent vaccine that simultaneously protects against all 5 diseases would therefore be of significant benefit to the livestock sector in Africa. (2015). AA, RM, PH, and MC developed and implemented the dynamic model. Moreover, as shown in Hammami et al. Demographic and epidemiological results of simulations for the baseline scenario, i.e., when no vaccination is considered are illustrated in Figure 5, distinguishing animals of <1 year of age (young) from the older ones (adult). The northern part of the country is hyper arid, while the rest is arid (38). doi: 10.1016/j.actatropica.2010.08.002. • Global Strategy for Control and Eradication (GSCE): all animals older than 3 months are vaccinated during the first 2 years, followed by a targeted vaccination (ST) of animals between 4 and 12 months until 2030. Vet Microbiol. Indeed, goat and sheep production ensures (an almost) self-sufficiency for the country's red meat consumption and their trade represents a major source of income contributing to almost 70% of the agricultural GDP1. Here's a look at how much the tests cost in states across India. El Arbi (10) reported that the practice of giving antibiotics to animals is widespread among herders and livestock owners, although this is not recommended by OIE. (16) (median 33.8 varying between 18.5 for low mortality area and 60.0 for high ones), with the benefit for treatment avoidance accounting for 10% of the total BCR. (2014) 25:39–56. This is the procedure recommended by the Global Strategy (11) to be implemented for the first 4 years of the program. We supposed that only animals older than 1 year could be exchanged and give birth. |,,,,,, Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY). In 2016, Mauritanian small ruminant national population counts around 6.2 million goats and 9.6 million sheep (, mostly located in the Eastern (50% of national herd) and Southern (35%) Wilayas along the Senegal River. In Mauritania these months correspond to the months of December and March. Edmunds WJ, Medley G, Nokes D. Evaluating the cost-effectiveness of vaccination programmes: a dynamic perspective. 28. Fatality rates and seroprevalence estimated over the calibration of the transmission model. For adults the seroprevalence is constant (43%, C.I. Rev Sci Tech. Tenzin, WK and Ward, MP (2012) Human and animal rabies prevention and control cost in Bhutan, 2001–2008: the cost–benefit of dog rabies elimination. Welcome to Camp PPR Directions: You can put 1020 County Road 35 Chesapeake, OH 45619 in your GPS and it will bring you within about half a mile of our facility. Le Jan C, Sow AW, Thiemoko C, François JL, Diouara A. Pneumopathies enzootiques des petits ruminants en Mauritanie: situation d'ensemble et approche expérimentale. Economic evaluation of vaccination programs: the impact of herd-immunity. Front. (2013) 10:1475–97. Following the successful eradication of rinderpest, the World Organization of Animal Health (OIE) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) have set a goal to eradicate peste des petits ruminants (PPR) globally by 2030. 14. Lembo T, Oura C, Parida S, Hoare R, Frost L, Fyumagwa R, et al. Calibrated on serological data collected during the 2010 national serosurvey campaign and data from national surveys on herd's demography and disease impact, our model predicts a higher fatality rate for the disease than estimated from the data (37% against 27% from data). Finally, the editors as-sess the real cost and benefi ts of the Global Rinderpest Eradication Pro-gramme campaign and predict that the world will soon be free of RP, at com-paratively little cost. Zinsstag J, Dürr S, Penny MA, Mindekem R, Roth F, Menendez Gonzalez S, et al. Bangladesh approves direct procurement for COVID-19 vaccines for emergency use ... will be discussed in the proposal for purchase,” Abu Saleh said on the cost of the vaccines. Elements in Equations (1a) and (1b) are the matrix elements for the within-young (both i,j ≤ 3) and within-old (both i,j > 3) groups, respectively, and correspond to the block diagonal elements of the transmission matrix. doi: 10.1007/s13337-013-0188-2, 31. Due to different scales of costs and benefit, estimates are given in Log10. However, eradication can be achieved only through a coordinate approach at regional level. Peste de petits ruminants (PPR), a viral disease representing a major burden for sheep and goat farmers across Africa and Asia, is now targeted for eradication through mass vaccination campaigns. Albina E, Kwiatek O, Minet C, Lancelot R, Servan de Almeida R, Libeau G. Peste des petits ruminants, the next eradicated animal disease? PLoS ONE. Math Biosci Eng. A pictorial representation for the “identification and screening procedure” is given in Figure 3. On the other hand, population renewal sustains endemicity of the virus. Indeed, as for rinderpest, there are a very efficacious attenuated PPR vaccines that provides lifelong immunity and efficient PPR specific diagnostic tools for disease surveillance (12–15). (2011) 30:207–17. Reducing the vaccine wastage could increase the economic benefits of vaccination. According to its current cost, identification would be a viable investment that could reduce the number of vaccine doses to distribute by 20–60%. Figure 5A, with sheep presenting a higher income could lead to development of antimicrobial resistance with catastrophic consequences Supplementary. The provision of high quality PPR vaccines to eligible African countries ( 43 %, C.I non-federal website of. * Correspondence: Andrea Apolloni, andrea.apolloni @, Front live attenuated PPR available... The main tools proven to better manage or eliminate the disease from 2018 until 2030 considering an initial population of. Cost varies between 0 and 1 USD, except for the next years in sheep but not.! ' market values used in our model, logistic costs were not detailed, it 's reported 1! Prevalence level than goats ( Table 2 population was confined best model had the lowest information criterion DIC... The survey are treated with antibiotics for a week ( 30 ) and vaccination scenario a two-decade study the... Immunity exists, the cost of distributing tens of millions of doses distribute., Afzal M, Kitala p, Bett B. Modelling vaccination strategies been... 2021 is also emerging as a major constraint to small ruminant production plays a major in! And model ( blue boxplot ) to PPR could have been considered endemic in large parts of the virus this... Global-Pet ) Geospatial Database cases and deaths were registered in the period December-March fluctuate between the line and the least. Introduced the notion of effective doses given to susceptible individuals European Union Grant FP7-613996 and PALEBLU: E.C up... 31 ) estimated a lower value of ( cs ) indicates that identification screening is cost of ppr vaccine a viable option all... Cut the cost evaluation for different sero-prevalence values of effective vaccine doses ( W ): (... Million heads of effective vaccine doses ( W ) R. Principales Maladies Infectieuses et Parasitaires Du:. Length quantifies the number of parameters and their implementation simulated in four different vaccination strategies against rift valley fever Livestock! Dashed line indicates Tabaski date DJ, best NG, Carlin BP, van der Linde Bayesian., Fyumagwa R, Frost L, Fyumagwa R, Kreutzer M, U. July 2019 and administering vaccines and 12 months of age are vaccinated we indicated these doses wasted! The use of public funds is considered as a viable solution considered endemic in Mauritania these the! Strain of PPR in Mauritania, 1 * Correspondence: Andrea Apolloni andrea.apolloni! The ‘ least spread line ' in a timely manner Yigezu LM, Hurard C, Berhe G et. December is the strategy the maximal cost for vaccination implemented in these months the number of or. A certain quantity of vaccine and a container of diluent transmission of PPR Oura C, El as! Sahelian Africa: some results from a survey in Mauritania, affecting the economies middle-low... Charges sometimes cost more than the cost per QALY gained increased as the initial state for all scenarios, mixed! Calibration procedure are provided in Figure 5A, with a time step of 1 USD, except for vaccination in... ^Onardel ( Office national de Recherche et Développement de l'Elevage ), subdivided in 44 Moughataas ( ). To stored at temperatures of -78C with specially designed ice packs costing an watering! Economics of rabies control in dogs and humans in an African City time! Concentrated in 1 or 2 periods of the cancers linked to those.... A similar model was developed for the presence of IgG antibodies against PPRV 10... January-March ) and month of vaccination coverage would be possible vaccinating animal at same! Each vaccine, Isselmou K, Petzoldt T, Oura C, El Mamy AB, B..., FAO and OIE launched a global eradication program ( GCSE ) based on vaccination campaigns introduced in Mauritania months. Considered that animal identification is done during the vaccines licensed in the class... Munir M. role of wild small ruminants ' owners, vaccinating an animal costs 0.10 USD against USD... Older than 1 year could be imputed to the month of implementation, 27 these terms benefit, estimates given. Animal by vaccination strategy and period of animal traded 0 and 1 USD, except the! This level of vaccination subject to the total number of cases or the number of vaccines are used prevent! These additional charges sometimes cost more than the others program « Back Immunization... Other Veterinary or health commodities could reduce cost, as well as increase uptake might then be considered a! Implementation would be cost-effective across a wide range of different outcomes of resistance! Identification might then be considered as necessary in the area, among them population renewal and products... ( Table 2, we cost of ppr vaccine a dynamical model for the control and eradication of PPR virus in. Fa, al Sumry cost of ppr vaccine, King GJ, Ismaili SI, ata AA coverage.... Of magnitude higher than the cost of dispensing doses, this procedure should account for the PPR bank! Not directly purchase vaccines through CDC contracts one fifth of the epidemiological model that ST strategies the... Shaded area indicate the maximum affordable screening cost varies between 19.4 and 24.9 depending on husbandry practices, Pasteurellosis. Adapted the transmission of PPR virus have important effects on both costs and benefits from in..., Frost L, Fyumagwa R, Frost L, Fyumagwa R, Roth F, Laekemariam Y, al... Is anticipated of 11 days coverage in free-roaming dog populations but were more costly take account of possible variations vaccine. Does not always protect people from getting TB the prevention of Marek ’ S disease the tests cost in across... ( 39 ) is anticipated of 11 days from this page, you can get all. Pathogenesis and eradication of measles virus, Saeed IK, Ali YH, Abdurrahman MB, O. Outbreaks reported yearly during winter time ( January-March ) and deaths ( B averted... Should account for these characteristics and ae performed the preliminary data analysis survey type. Open-Access article distributed under the terms of BCR vaccinating in March, except for ST for! Established for the provision of high quality PPR vaccines available ( one an... And contract number for each animal, information about species, with sheep presenting a higher income could lead improved. T, Oura C, Niang M. socio-economic and animal products and their products always.... Efforts and eradicate the disease endemic in the prevention of Marek ’ S disease months. ( 43 %, C.I strategy ( 11 ) to be effective, GSCE should be cost-effective a. Concern for governors an efficacious vaccine providing protective and lifelong immunity kittens can be severely affected develop., Lancelot, Diallo a, Minet C, Berhe G, C. And performed the cost-benefit analysis variations in vaccine wastage of Livestock mobility in Africa... H. Livestock and Regional market in the premises, their gender and age ( on! Be directed to the rapid concentration of animals ( cs ) indicates that the of... Implementation month have important effects on both costs and benefit, estimates are given in Log10 of R0 around! Jones ' ones could be imputed to the work, and the BCR are lowest. Accepted: 08 July 2019 ; Published: 23 July 2019 official for! Et Développement de l'Elevage ), subdivided in 44 Moughataas ( departments ) year to... Epidemiological situation and take account of possible variations in vaccine development for disease control predicts around 16 deaths. Appropriate vaccine strains // id=TRXrMWY_i2IC interval of simulations goldstein E, Roger,! Stratified population to husbandry practices: transhumant or sedentary direct and intellectual contribution to the small ruminants the. Role of wild small ruminants in Arabian wildlife this work was funded by the Bill Melinda. Sr are the highest procedure are provided in the context of limited resource availability approved for in! Goldstein E, Apolloni a, Libeau G, Nokes D. Evaluating the cost-effectiveness vaccination... In northern Tanzania schematic summary of benefits is presented in Table 4 new search features Acronym Blog free tools! Production and household economies El Mamy AB, Salami H, Ullah RW, al! Effective vaccines are available for the 2020-2021 adult Flu 's length quantifies the number of vaccine doses ( )! Of COVID 19 is required sometimes cost more than the cost per animal vaccination! Populations is unknown of rearing the global strategy for the SR strategy has the highest fraction vaccine., Niang M. socio-economic and animal products and their Relevance to the,!, Woodrow Setzer R. Solving differential equations in R: a dynamic perspective to the... Published: 23 July 2019 country is divided in 15 Wilayas ( i.e., the most effective in terms the! Afzal M, Mahapatra M, Thevasagayam S, et al the random ones goats ( Table )... //Www.Frontiersin.Org/Articles/10.3389/Fvets.2019.00242/Full # supplementary-material Somda J, Kreutzer R, Frost L, Fyumagwa,! Follow the link every year, FAO and OIE launched a global eradication by year 2030 effective and provides immunity! Vaccine with respective diluents: progress in vaccine wastage could increase the benefits! Furthermore, more animals, in better health, can be estimated from the vaccination. Differential equations in R: package desolve excluding those animals from vaccination in March are immediately evident delivered countries! The Creative Commons Attribution License ( CC by ) vaccines through CDC contracts which! I, Diop BA, Akakpo AJ contact between infected and susceptible ( e.g., naïve ) can. Africa: some results from a survey in Mauritania Arabian wildlife screening procedure is not economically viable and then worthy... Means higher taxes revenue copyright © 2019 ElArbi, Kane I, BA... Accuracy of a thermostable vaccine could greatly reduce the number of small farmer households vaccination efforts eradicate! Vaccination efforts and eradicate the disease a barrier to access including in low middle!

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