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Skip to comments. There has been at least three other confirmed incidents in which armed men dressed in black have boarded American boats while they were fishing just inside of Mexican waters. On April 30, 2010, five Americans in two boats were fishing on Falcon Lake at the Old Guerrero church. The Obama administration, though, has taken this record of irresponsibility and added aggression against border states to it, by laughing off Texas’ requests and by suing Arizona to get its security law struck down. Mexico: lead investigator in Falcon lake murder beheaded Phineas October 13, 2010 Mexico, Police. That act had the potential to flood an area that is inhabited by about four million people. Episode 067 – In May of 1967 an RCMP constable on patrol near Falcon Lake, Manitoba was flagged down by a wild eyed man with a fantastic story to tell. Both the Mexican and the United States governments launched an investigation in early October. They seem to be copying some of their techniques, and that might be deliberate. However, the following week, her body was discovered floating in Lake Oconee. (sobbing) The Texas legislature, which won’t be in session until 2011, will have its own ideas regardless of whether Gov. Falcon Lake Murder Update. Perry has twice tried to meet with President Obama during visits to Texas to discuss the issue, and has been rebuffed both times. By Scott Stewart. Are you sure that your husband got shot? Terms under which this service is provided to you, PJTV’s Brandi Milloy has hosted a terrific series on the Arizona border, attracted intervention by 11 foreign countries, Mysterious Viral Video of Nashville Bombing Surfaces as Police Investigate 'Person of Interest', SpaceX Says Its Taxpayer-Funded Explosion Was a Success, 'Racially Diverse' Cops Dumping Portland in Favor of Lower Paying Jobs in Places Where They're Appreciated, LIVE NOW: VIP Gold Live Chat with Kruiser, Preston, VodkaPundit. Ultimately the pirates received $200 cash before the American boats made an escape. All Rights Reserved. The lead Mexican investigator into the murder of David Hartley, presumably by Mexican lake pirates, was himself killed and his severed head delivered to the Mexican Army: Maybe I'm the only one that finds humor in that? The pirates speak Spanish and claim to be Mexican Police officers though they have been identified by tattoos of the letter "Z" for Zeta on their arms or necks. 911 Call Details Murder on Falcon Lake. Liberty. In his head. How the Falcon Lake murder impacts politics and the race for Texas governor remains to be seen. How the Falcon Lake murder impacts politics and the race for Texas governor remains to be seen. STRATFOR published an analysis last Wednesday noting that a reliable source in Mexico informed us that the Sept. 30 shooting death of U.S. citizen David Hartley on Falcon Lake — which straddles the U.S.-Mexico border — was a mistake committed by a low-level member of the Los Zetas drug trafficking organization. Twenty small arms were captured including assault rifles. Ok, so I thought that was a catching title, but I also thought it was appropriate as well. Were you shot at on the Mexican side or on the US side? Browse more videos. The best stories simmer in … Tiffany: There were three boats. Such a law is likely to pass, putting the next governor on the spot to accept it or veto it. [1], A turf war between rival drug cartels for control of the lake began in March 2010 and has led to a series of armed robberies and shooting incidents. LYNN BREZOSKY , … Falcon Lake Murder Update An update on the Falcon Lake murder. They then chased her back to the American side of the lake. STRATFOR published an analysis last Wednesday noting that a reliable source in Mexico informed us that the Sept. 30 shooting death of U.S. citizen David Hartley on Falcon Lake — which straddles the U.S.-Mexico border — was a mistake committed by a low-level member of … Perry sensibly requested more troops, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano laughed him off. It’s a simple idea, but it’s also the linchpin of a complex system of values and practices: justice, prosperity, responsibility, toleration, cooperation, and peace. Mexican bandits attack an American at the lake. The marines fired first and a battle began that left twelve cartel members and one marine dead. Fishermen have also reported sighting small boats loaded with Mexicans and machine guns. Falcon Lake shooting: American murdered by Mexican bandits. [1], During the investigation, Mexican homicide detective Rolando Armando Flores Villegas of Tamaulipas was reportedly killed and his head delivered in a suitcase to the Mexican Army. Skeptics have questioned why neither the jet ski nor David Hartley’s body have been found.  Both questions can be easily accounted for.  One, Mexican authorities by their own admission haven’t taken the story very seriously and haven’t looked very hard.  They say that that’s about to change.  Two, the pirates have tended to be robbers more than murderers, and a jet ski would be of considerable use and value to them.  They could have captured it, intending to use it in future raids or sell it.  Three, they could have taken Hartley’s body after they had chased Mrs. Hartley away.  They might have done this for any number of reasons, not least of which would be to hide evidence of their crime.  Mass graves of those who get in the way are an unfortunate fact of Mexico’s drug war.  And four, taking Mexican authorities’ word on anything is a risky prospect.  Mexico’s police forces have been deeply corrupted by the drug cartels, and those who aren’t corrupted may well be intimidated by the extreme violence and assassinations that the drug gangs have perpetrated over the past couple of years.  A newspaper in Ciudad Juarez recently published an editorial surrendering to the drug gangs — intimidation is widespread and not entirely unreasonable, all things considered.  The Zetas may have any number of local officers and officials on the payroll, or at least have them cowed into silence.  This is why I think Gov. Over the past couple of days there have been several developments in the alleged Falcon Lake piracy attack and murder. Report. So far, Mexican authorities have questioned whether the shooting occurred, and have not allowed U.S. or Texas authorities in to search for Hartley’s body. David Hartley Update: Four suspects identified in Falcon Lake border shooting. The pirates followed the fishing boats, but the Americans got away when they crossed into United States territory. Falcon Lake Murder: New Blood Evidence Found (Video) Pajamas Media ^ | October 8, 2010 | Bryan Preston Posted on 10/08/2010 12:37:25 PM PDT by jazusamo. 2:41. Search and rescue teams searched the lake but no evidence was found. His wife of 68 years, Shirley, was missing. Okay. The so-called pirates operate "fleets" of small boats designed to seize fisherman and smuggle drugs. Some of the the doubts we had were regarding the police stop and the claim that the border patrol saw Tiffany and David eating at Subways. David Hartley’s murder may be the event that forces politicians from Austin to Washington to finally take real action. After the Hartley murder, a veto would be political suicide. I don’t know how many more Americans have to lose their lives before the federal government steps in and sends the troops. The Unsolved Dermond Murders An article by Emily Thompson 12th April 2020 • 4 min read. September 30, 2010, is the date that may force the federal government to deal with the U.S.-Mexico border.  On that date, Texans David and Tiffany Hartley were jet skiing on Falcon Lake.  Only Tiffany would return alive. It’s a firsthand account of those terrifying moments on the water as David and Tiffany Hartley came under attack. Murder in Mexico What Happened at Falcon Lake. Remind yourself who else decapitates people on a regular basis. Up to September 30, the Falcon Lake pirates had never murdered Americans. A timely post from http://www.stratfor.com/ about the Falcon Lake murder!!! [2][3], While the events have been referred to colloquially as piracy, all the waters of Falcon Lake are considered either US or Mexican territorial waters and therefore are not technically piracy under Article 101 of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.[4]. This increase in the House will move the caucus to the right, and several legislators have already said that they will propose Arizona-style laws for Texas next year. Relatives of Falcon Lake murder victim plan rally Mystery deepens over alleged border attackWidow slams investigation as skepticism grows. Falcon Lake is located in the Whiteshell Provincial Park in southeastern Manitoba, Canada.The lake is about 152 kilometres east of Winnipeg on the Trans-Canada Highway near the Ontario border. It’s also a vital passageway for the cartel. On May 16, five armed men boarded and robbed another boat also on the American side of the lake. The Hartley probe appeared to … Still, with more than 9,100 murders from cartel violence to date this year in Mexico, the 54 American murder victims comprise only a small percentage of the overall body count. Ha! Update: Gov. 4 years ago | 26 views. [7], On May 8, 2011, Mexican Naval Infantry patrolling the lake discovered a camp of Zetas on an island believed to be used for smuggling marijuana into the United States by speedboat. Just a week ago, we had two Americans killed assassination-style on the border in northern Hidalgo County. Falcon Lake Main Beach, Falcon Lake: See 9 reviews, articles, and 8 photos of Falcon Lake Main Beach, ranked No.4 on Tripadvisor among 9 attractions in Falcon Lake. Falcon Lake Murder: Falcon Lake Phishing? The lake is a 60-mile (97 km) long reservoir of the Rio Grande that was constructed in 1954 and is a known drug smuggling route. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. I have cell phone video of the aftermath of a Nuevo Laredo gun battle that took place in July, but it’s so graphic that YouTube won’t host it. Playing next. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in December. Perry is calling on Mexico’s President Calderon to step up the search for Hartley’s body and wants a report within 48 hours. The Mexican investigator, Armando Flores Villegas, was decapitated and his head delivered in a suitcase to the Mexican military’s Eight Zone headquarters in Reynosa on Oct. 12. This Poll Might Shock Her. Sheriff: Two New Suspects In Falcon Lake Murder Reported by: Will Ripley Last Update: 9:11 pm ZAPATA - More than two months after the alleged murder of an American jet skier on Falcon Lake, new clues began to emerge Thursday. While there, a boat with four "heavily tattooed" men boarded the boats, demanded money and drugs. Perry holds onto his large lead in the race or White slips up on him. The news is one of my favorite shows. The detective was one of many officers assigned to investigating the Hartley incident and he was allegedly killed only days after delivering a document to a local television station which named two of the suspected pirates. Tiffany Hartley says she and her husband, David, were on Jet Skis on Falcon Lake on the Texas-Mexico border on Thursday Sept. 30, 2010 when … Oh God. It appears on the Palliser map of 1865. On September 30, 2010, David and TIffany Hartley went jet-skiing at Falcon Lake in Zapata, TX. [citation needed], On May 6, 2010 three fishermen in a boat off the north side of Salado Island were approached by a boat with two men armed with AR-15s. WadeIvory6357. Well, this certainly sends a message. So it was the Mexican Side. By Carlin Miller March 2, 2011 / 7:20 AM / CBS News All of the attacks were credited to the Los Zetas cartel and occurred primarily on the Mexican side of the reservoir but within sight of the Texas coast. The drug war is changing the nature of the border, though, and along with that, Texans’ patience is running short. One of the pirates boarded the boat and searched it for drugs, money or guns. This story from Al Jazeera English, about the assassination of a leading political candidate this year, gives some hints as to just how violent the drug war there has become. In this Oct. 6, 2010, file photo Tiffany Hartley (l.) and family members, lay a wreath near the site where her husband, David Hartley, was shot last month on Falcon Lake in Zapata, Texas. [3][5], In late May, a Border Patrol boat chased another boat occupied by men in ski masks but the vessel was faster than the Americans and got away. Tiffany: Yes. The dash-cam shows the two jet skis being towed by his truck, and recorded the convo: that they were heading to Falcon Lake. Murder in Mexico What Happened at Falcon Lake. Republicans are likely to capture up to 10 new state House seats in the November elections, giving  them a solid hold on both houses of the legislature and all statewide offices. The Mexican Pirates are bad people, and have every reason to hide the body & jet ski. Falcon Lake straddles the Texas-Mexico border in a remote area between Laredo, TX, and Nuevo Laredo to the north and McAllen, TX, to the south. Was he thrown out of the jet ski that he’s in the water or something? ", Paris Declaration Respecting Maritime Law, Jim Hawkins and the Curse of Treasure Island, Cartel: The Coming Invasion of Mexico's Drug Wars, El Narco: Inside Mexico's Criminal Insurgency, Manhunt of Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán (2001–2014), https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Piracy_on_Falcon_Lake&oldid=995315335, Organized crime conflicts in the United States, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2011, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 20 December 2020, at 11:08. On the side of the pirate boat was the misspelled words "Game Warden", written with tape. And in June, authorities issued a very disturbing alert: The Zetas were plotting to destroy the Falcon Dam to strike out against a rival gang. But an uptick in violence was always inevitable: The Zetas are also involved in the civil war that has raged in Nuevo Laredo for the past several years. Falcon Lake Murder: Subways Since law enforcement apparently is not doing anything about the Falcon Lake murder case, we were left to do our own independent investigation. Follow. Yes. By ironcladbarrel. Unity Watch: Nancy Pelosi Wants to Drag Trump Out of Office 'By His Hair.' There were those that doubted the story of Tiffany Hartkey who claimed her husband, David Hartley was shot in the head by Mexican Pirates on Falcon Lake, a border lake that was formed by damning the Rio Grande river. Update: A witness has come forward to corroborate Tiffany Hartley’s story about the boat chase. [1], On August 31, United States authorities released a statement saying that pirates aboard a small boat tried to intercept an American fishing boat but the operator outran the attackers and returned to the Texas side of the reservoir. The odd bits that others try not to hear, you know the killings and sad odd stories are all stored away for some later use. [1][5][6] According to Tiffany's report to the Texas police, men in two small boats approached and fired on her and her husband with automatic weapons in an attempt to steal their jet skis.

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