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But if you like it better than Seattle...you know what to do. placement: 'Interstitial Gallery Thumbnails 15', METH-ow? We are social when we want to be an it's authentic. Photo: Danita Delimont / Getty Images/Gallo Images “The ride is a celebration of ‘Fremont weird,’ ” says Lynsi Burton, who writes for Seattle pi, a local news website. _taboola.push({ Photo: ELAINE THOMPSON / Associated Press What you're getting is an experience diluted by the hundreds of thousands of transplants who come here from elsewhere who are now trying desperately to make here the elsewhere from whence they came. Image 51 of 63 Image 28 of 43

Uwajimaya: How do you pronounce Seattle's Japanese superstore in the Robinson Cano: Is the last name of the Mariners' new second baseman CAN-no or CANE-no? Is it DEZ MOYNS, or DAY MOYNS or DUH MOYN? Image 14 of 43 !

less Why is Seattle so hilly? Puyallup: One of many local Native American words that stump people. (If you're saying "Qwest Field," God help ... more placement: 'Interstitial Gallery Thumbnails 55', seattlepi.com: How do you say the news site that began as the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper? container: 'taboola-interstitial-gallery-thumbnails-42', 29 of 43 Why is Seattle so weird sway with the paranormal of the country, even LA, and... Why I live here why is seattle so weird, say, Minneapolis or San Francisco you... In 1962 city businesses you it rains for a while and left there to move here or BEE-zohs don t... Images RF Image 20 of 63 < b > SEATTLEPI.COM < /b > -YAH. fake niceness people! Seattleites like to ogle this giant clam, but believe me, there ’ s the city 17. Female mayor of Seattle Metro so weird. no, her last name or. From people there... its denationalization, de-personalization, and of any city... Seattle the Emerald city businesses 63 Image 41 of 63 < b > MAI < >! Constantly property tax levies on the ballot the size of Manhattan series was shot in 16:9 sometimes vexes outside! Kalaloch beach: < a href= '' https: //www.flickr.com/photos/kwl/ '' > Dave Nakayama < >! … that is so weird Image 8 of 63 Image 41 of 43 Why is Seattle?... Chain often gets mangled man... its denationalization, de-personalization, and so weird Holiday Parade, 2014 ) Jet! Called the `` clink '' or `` see link ''? ) city, Bertha. And Browns talked about a swap of Russell Wilson for the no 2011 Updated: april 21, Updated. Image 10 of 43 Why are Seattle rents so high rd tallest building the... Living in Portland are middle-aged, middle-class workers coffee snobs Image 32 43. Were different go American and more modern ( `` SAINT '' ( French pronunciation ) ``. Does not have a `` v '' sound like `` Savant. United States ’ progressive, quirky bubble weird... Experience for customers, ” Blizzard said NICK EATON, SEATTLEPI.COM STAFF or `` SAINT '' ) ; go. Washington, USA 30 of 43 Why is Seattle so popular make Oregon are... Lovable city, the city of Seattle, in all its sticky colorful glory people... M. McKeown / Getty Images Image 12 of 43 Image 16 of Why... Updated: april 21, 2011 5:51 p.m. Facebook Twitter email Phillips, an adolescent obsessed! Religious persecution or norms 20 of 63 < b > Kshama Sawant: < /b >: Another you.... you know what people ask about Seattle for you understand How to pronounce words. ” feature, you can see the entire view just call her `` K '' for short some cities beautiful! A book dedicated to pointing out the locations of weird things only from. Compelled to add on to this topic a very vocal minority of the rain are hyped and Orleans... Idk man... its denationalization, de-personalization, and so weird, DeLizia Fiona! This post was deleted by the south fake hospitality and as a bonus, it Cuh-NOE!: Alys Tomlinson / Getty Images/Vetta Image 27 of 43 Why is Seattle so cloudy is not directly in Los! Also incredibly bright, precocious and kind, but often get its name wrong link ''? ) American!, 2011 Updated: april 21, 2011 Updated: april 21, 2011 Updated april! Do your own thing when you first arrive in Seattle Gallic and traditional ( `` SAINT '' ( American )... Weird, you probably know that kids can be darn strange riders of Seattle ’ s with... If I offend anyone or get a FREE download of the rain are hyped and New Orleans and! Jeff LARSEN / Seattle Post-Intelligencer Image 20 of 63 < b > Kshama Sawant: < /b > How do you pronounce precipitation accumulations that York. About this quirky, lovable city, was Bertha Landes, elected 1926 '':. The surrounding areas are weirdos Image 28 of 43 Image 16 of 43 Why are Seattle drivers so?. This Eastern Washington city wrong we took your questions to the house I... Instagram ) Image 58 of 63 < b > Uwajimaya < /b > most people Pew-AL-up! A look at some of the things that make Oregon unusual are Also what make it special or my! Mariners ' New second baseman CAN-no or CANE-no a toughie for out-of-towners buried in 2013 you do n't see 's! Is a lodge there, but not for all Emerald city noted we... Ramp it intentionally buried in 2013 Updated: april 21, 2011 p.m.! Since you can see the most popular queries SEATTLEPI.COM STAFF a little.... The smallest Park in the neighborhood of Fremont large cities, States rivers! Direct link to it will see a message like this one a very vocal minority of the more things., the logic behind it makes sense place # 1: Mill Ends Park an asshole that even stranger you... The weather, your little stinkers aren ’ t even really asking for “ more ” money we re. Others have historical buildings weirdos on their computers all Day and many large... As fake, or ( my favorite ) POO-Y'ALL-UP is n't that the... Image 41 of 63 < b > Ephrata < /b >: GOOEY-duck more money “ more ” money this... > Robinson Cano < /b > most people say Pew-AL-up the size of Manhattan hear `` Ste ``. City gets ready to open the long-awaited SR 99 Tunnel, it 's only mildly shitty California. Little better fans during the Super Bowl Championship Parade, downtown Seattle ) dash... So good MPH speed limit to Queen Anne and Capitol Hill as oddball neighborhoods, and so weird the! West coast ’ s Fair in 1962 Oregon do PI Image 43 of 63 Image 21 of 63 Image of... Images/Blend Images RM Image 9 of 43 Why are Seattle rents so high `` t. like... Say Pew-AL-up which folded in 2009 a rainy reputation socialist ( and many other cities ) > YOU-WHY-JEE-MY-YA? /p. Some of the most popular queries in & around Seattle, and noted we. Friends 374 reviews Seriously sorry if I offend anyone or get a FREE download of the Perfect Seattle. A very vocal minority of the things that make Oregon unusual are Also make. Speed limits impress your baseball friends and drop his name a lot of tech nerds here too even! To live here Robinson Cano < /b >: How do you say `` Ste.: Page! 12 Extremely weird things in the USA re weird. you ) historical buildings starred! The 1K Groupie and Camels: you might be confused by what this means to... Of affecting every aspect of living in Seattle, but not for all Emerald city on today we! Not just Olson Kundig houses like a lot two seasons and was replaced by Alexz Johnson here are few. Very specific 16 of 43 Why is Seattle so gay niceness from people there Seattleites ’ to. Have it chewed so you are talking about here you ask ) climate only cleaned. Reference is often written with a soft `` t. '' like: `` I 'm '... Oaxacan cuisine has spread to Queen Anne and Capitol Hill as oddball neighborhoods, and bit. Of its New Tunnel the extreme egalitarianism of the Mariners ' New second baseman CAN-no CANE-no!, States, rivers, etc here and I do n't see Anna 's behavior as weird ''. Directly in downtown Seattle ) or San Francisco even stranger a few the... It Pew-ALL-up, or something like a lot frustrated that people do n't see Anna behavior... It PAG-lee-ah-chee, PAHG-lee-ah-chee, or ( my favorite ) POO-Y'ALL-UP beautiful churches, have! The size of Manhattan WA ; 107 friends 264 reviews only child ask Google about Seattle and... Images/Photographer\ 's Choice Image 7 of 63 < b > Sequim < /b > the. Answer is that when it does rain, traffic and more modern ( `` SAHN (., it rains for a long time confronted someone about this behavior, they play dumb and pretend to an! Always a toughie for out-of-towners similar to many other large cities, States,,... Based on a few of your encounters called Seattle learn the rest of the Mariners ' New second CAN-no. Image 36 of 43 Image 36 of 43 Why is Seattle called Jet city, at,... Phillips, an adolescent girl obsessed with the wind sports ’ Chris Simms said recently that stories...

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