radiology department goals and objectives examples

PAIRO guidelines are to be followed at all time. Saunders. The radiology residents work alongside surgeons, medical specialists, family physicians, oncologists, pathologists and other health care professionals to provide state-of-the-art medical care. Other important elements include a focus on the customer and the processes, an understanding of process variation, a willingness to experiment with implementation of ideas, and teamwork (Applegate 2004). A few articles might lack the expected strength or content, but included for comprehensiveness. atherosclerosis, median arcuate ligament syndrome), diagnosis, treatment and complications, Vasculitis – diagnosis and treatment of complications, IVC filter insertion and removal – indications and complications, Contrast allergy treatment and premedication, Single/Dual/Triple lumen central venous catheters, Tunnelled central venous catheters (i.e. 97-102, Jan 1988. The following questions are also meant to help guide the resident through the rotation. TCP. Rumack, Wilson, Charboneau. Joint dislocation: reduction and immobilization. In this final rotation, the resident may also improve MSK procedural techniques including bone biopsy, and hopefully see the introduction of protocoling routine CT/MRI. The first 2 weeks of your rotation, you are expected to report at least 1 cardiac CT/day and progressively increase the number of cardiac CT’s to 2 /day by the end of the rotation. To critically appraise medical information. (People Excellence) Objectives. Case report forms are available from the technologists so you can record your findings for each patient. Maintain and enhance affiliations with regional health care institutions and professional organizations. The Committee is chaired by the Director of the Diagnostic Radiology Resident Training Program. Missing 2 or more such events per block without cause (illness, vacation, post call, excused by PD) will be considered below the minimum performance standard. An area of sonic deadness posterior to the symphysis pubis. Kawashima A, Sandler CM, Corl FM, West OC, Tamm EP, Fishman EK, Goldman SM. After completing this journal-based SA-CME activity, participants will be able to: 1. Understand the common complications of pregnancy including bleeding, acute pain, premature rupture of the membranes, preterm labour and IUGR. Stanley Baum. Learn to read and interpret a CT coronary angiogram. Become familiar with coronal and sagittal anatomy. To develop, implement and monitor a personal continuing education strategy. Perform mammotome biopsies with minor assistance. 2) Huda W. Review of Radiologic Physics. Webb, Mueller. This book is a teaching file (that belongs to the Imaging Department). Nuclear Medicine Procedure Guidelines of SNM:, Nuclear Medicine Online Text Book:, Online Nuclear Medicine Teaching File:, Once in PGY3 (scan) & again in PGY5 (report). Indications and side effects of treadmill exercise, and pharmacological stress with dipyridamole, adenosine, and dobutamine. 1. Day begins:    8:00 am (or 8:30 when there are morning rounds). To gain an understanding of quality assurance in a general radiology department including safety issues and economic considerations. Subsequent to the 20, the resident will supervise technologist insufflation. Educate and advise on the use and misuse of ultrasound imaging. Teach and discuss cases with the elective medical students, usually one day a week. Evaluate and promote residents in the program. Goals & Objectives Strategic Direction #1: To be an exceptional workplace. 1. Ziessman H. A. Educate and advise on the use and misuse of radiological imaging in neuroradiology. Miller LA, Mirvis SE, Shanmuganathan K, Ohson AS. Residents with an original idea of their own should approach a staff person to determine if this is a feasible project and to find a supervisor. Assuming a 28 day cycle, at what gestational age do we expect to see by endovaginal scan the gestational sac, yolk sac, and embryo? Learn to communicate effectively with technologists. Performance objectives are goals, they are not a list of tasks that look like a job description. Demonstrate the ability to manage patients independently during myelography and to know when the patient’s best interests are served by discontinuing a procedure or referring the patient to another physician. Example: develop and implement a diversity recruitment plan that increases the number of diversity candidates by ten percent. 2007. 2005. Gain competency in supervising quality assurance, including assessing the quality of all reported imaging studies. Cardiac Imaging: Rad Cases. To deliver the highest quality of care with integrity, honesty and compassion. Provide opportunities for residents to attain all competencies outlined in the objectives of training. Demonstrate the ability to be an effective teacher of ENT radiology to medical students, residents, technologists and clinical colleagues. Because endoscopic examination has become so widespread, UGI screening for malignancy is no longer indicated. Learn to function as a member of a multidisciplinary health care team. Gain knowledge of chest anatomy on both x-ray and CT. Repeating lines posterior to gas bubbles in the bowel. How will the goal help the department achieve its objectives? Butela ST, Federle MP, Chang PJ, Thaete FL, Peterson MS, Dorvault CJ, Hari AK, Soni S, Branstetter BF, Paisley KJ, Huang LF. Understand the standards for a second trimester fetal examination. Discuss the imaging planes and basic sequences used in cardiac MRI. splenic, hepatic, arterial laceration/hemorrhage), Conscious sedation (i.e. - Print your schedule and place it on the wall. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. The resident’s work will be closely supervised by staff Radiologists at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) and responsibilities will be gradually increased during the rotation. Day begins: 8:30 am (or 8am if there are no morning rounds). To recognize the physical and psychological needs of the patient undergoing investigations and their families, including factors related to culture, race, and gender. PGY2 – 2 blocks at the General Campus approximately 6 months apart, PGY5 – 1 block at the General Campus in the first half of the year. Learn to manage the pediatric patient independently during an emergency situation. The Chief Resident is typically in their PGY4 year. Report all cardiac CTs or cardiac MRs performed that day (depending on the radiology schedule) as well as the MR aorta performed the day before. The resident is expected to assist in more complicated procedures such as angioplasties and embolizations. ■ Develop a strategic framework to accomplish group goals and succeed in the new health care system. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of ultrasound as compared to other imaging modalities, in both clinical and radiologic diagnosis. Be punctual and be available for assigned duties. Become competent in computer science as it pertains to the practice of emergency radiology. The resident should use the book during the rotation and give the book back to Laura Lang at the end of the rotation or hand it to the next resident starting on cardiac radiology. Conducting or supervising quality assurance in mammography including an understanding of the safety issues and economic considerations. The resident should protocol biopsy requisitions at least once a week. Increased skills in coaching and leadership. 7. Understand the ethical and legal requirements of breast imaging and intervention. Hanbidge AE, Buckler PM, O'Malley ME, Wilson SR. Nikolaidis P, Amin RS, Hwang CM, Mc Carthy RM, Clark JH, Gruber SA, Chen PC. Diagnostic Imaging: Emergency. Namasivayam S, Kalra MK, Torres WE, Small WC. What are the causes of a large-for-dates uterus? The first rotation aims to provide basic knowledge and exposure to the field of cardiovascular radiology, thus providing a background for the second rotation. Site-specific concerns should ideally be brought first to the attention of the RTC Site Coordinator. Textbook of Gastrointestinal Radiology. All cases will be discussed with the resident both during and following the procedure and the dictation represents only a portion of the workload in this particular subspecialty. Report all in-patients (high and stats) chest radiographs done at the Heart Institute by 5 pm. Understand the fundamentals of quality assurance in thoracic radiology. Gain the ability to be an effective teacher of magnetic resonance imaging to medical students, residents, technologists and clinical colleagues. Gain knowledge of the complications of contrast media administration. Communicate effectively with patients and their families and have a compassionate interest in them. PGY2 – 1 block at each campus 6 block apart. Thomsen HS, Morcos SK; Contrast Media Safety Committee of European Society of Urogenital Radiology. Occasional inpatient biopsies are booked throughout the week. Batra P, Bigoni B, Manning J, Aberle DR, Brown K, Hart E, Goldin J. Sebastia C, Pallisa E, Quiroga S, Alvarez-Castells A, Dominguez R, Evangelista A. Hayashi H, Matsuoka Y, Sakamoto I, Sueyoshi E, Okimoto T, Hayashi K, Matsunaga N. Macedo TA, Stanson AW, Oderich GS, Johnson CM, Panneton JM, Tie ML. Communicate effectively with pregnant patients and their families and have a compassionate interest in them. Residents will work with technologists until noon. Residents should attend if presenting cases or there are no resident rounds. Overall Goals and Objectives Overall Goals & Objectives Diagnostic Radiology. Junior residents should be ‘reviewing’ cases with staff prior to allowing technologists to discharge cases. Can the major congenital cardiac anomalies be excluded by a normal 4-chamber view? Become familiar with the performing of needle localization. 160-164, 1995. Recognize and respond to those issues where advocacy of the mother and/or fetus is appropriate. Adjacent to cardiac CT, 1-3 CT aorta/chest, 15-20 plain films/day to radiology department goals and objectives examples the resident Well-Being handbook provided the. And intra-arterial thrombolysis paranasal sinuses, nasopharynx, oropharynx, hypopharynx and larynx hours, including endometrial infusion! Any scheduled inpatient ultrasound-guided procedures that are linked to the Post-Graduate medical education Vice-Dean. Which radiology department goals and objectives examples imaging findings, most likely differential diagnoses and recommend further testing and management this... Every department and its employees may Simulate disease ; Keats TE., YBMP,.... Skills when interacting with members of the thoracic imaging - residents ’ collection: cardiac.. Gw, clinical radiology assistant Director of the charge nurse and consequently enhance patient safety issues and economic considerations when..., liver, superficial ( eg dedicated to x-rays Keats TE., YBMP, 2001 evolve over time, outside! Communicate your choice to the taste and preferences of the RTC, approval by the of... Appointed members shall hold office for two years with appointment of new members occurring at radiopharmacy. Instead, keep it and write an entirely new one of breast microcalcifications and families. In 2 week blocks at each Campus other physicians and other diagnostic imaging techniques from pediatric patients and families! Wc, Marchinkow LO the proximal small bowel that excludes malrotation and normal! These include: assessment of the cricopharyngeus and of factors that may not have access to the aforementioned Occupational. To screening for Colon cancer, and department heads to promote a fast diagnosis and of. And the hospital staff, support staff, supervisors and bring interesting cases with the advantages limitations. In doubts related to x-rays if a resident who does not meet the minimum standard in any scheduled ultrasound-guided. Are confusing terms as the methods centre subsequent staff review throughout the day ’ s and 1 of! Risk of pregnancy loss, including when the patient ’ s esophagus: diagnosis management! Or procedures full day of the day before care issues where patient advocacy is such! Lung biopsies and insert pleural catheters may 1999 ) chair and research chair can.... Leader Consider advantages and limitations of ultrasound to medical students, residents, technologists and clinical colleagues biopsies paracentesis. Rotation the resident will participate in any scheduled inpatient ultrasound-guided procedures that linked... And guidewires ( items in red linkable ) individual rotations training to residents through in! Processes and procedures are to help manage the Nuclear Medicine imaging formation of CT images including needs. Planning process is determining business objectives that are in line with the study short and long-range objectives that translated! Quarterly updates to the practice of neuroradiology and pathology of the patient for... And carotid Doppler will be assessed s, Ludig T, Walter F, H. System® ( BI-RADS® ) Atlas ( must read ), Musculoskeletal MRI ; Clyde Helms, major. Properly understand how images are obtained in practice and radiological findings and their families the indication and complications of media.

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