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Flavor is much milder and more subtle than other members of the onion family. Dianacharles u r right, the knowledge of herbs is limited in India. One study in 285 women found that garlic and leeks were associated with a reduced risk of developing breast cancer. Chop the long, slender chive greens with a knife or snip with scissors. Never thought of pairing chives with our roses...but may give it a try. Nice Job. The Best Way to Use Chives, From Soups to Vegetables to Main Dishes To use chives in just about everything you're cooking right now. Under Indian conditions especially in the rice eating areas chives has to be used as a cooked dish. Last medically reviewed on January 27, 2020, Onions belong to the Allium family of vegetables and herbs. Chives are not a common source of food allergies, though people with allergies or intolerances to onions or other allium vegetables may also need to avoid chives. According to the Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS), the adequate intake (AI) of choline is 550 mg per day for adult males and 425 mg per day for adult females. I've never seen anyone make a whole dish of chives, but I think it might be interesting to try, plus it would be nutritious and definitely low-cal. Some research has also linked the chemicals in chives and other allium vegetables with anticancer effects. Frieda, your last comment lit a light bulb over my head. Thanks for the good words, habee. So glad you found some new uses for chives! About the invasive mint, a neighbor of mine grows spearmint and chocolate mint in a huge terracotta-colored plastic pot on her patio. Better Bone Strength. They are a popular food worldwide, and they have many health benefits. However, in moderation, most people can safely add chives to their diet. The scapes and leaves are useds to add allium flavour, though they … You can also freeze them into larger containers of water (like a gelatin mold, for example) and float the ice blocks in a punch bowl. My diet is restricted to no carbs, only greens and other low- or no-carb veggies. before being fired. Do SARS-CoV-2 mutations affect its transmissibility? Other sources of vitamin K include leafy green vegetables, vegetable oils, and fruits including blueberries and figs. It was na omen when I saw this hub, voted up and bookmarked. I'm going to definitely give this a try asap. Darlene Sabella from Hello, my name is Toast and Jam, I live in the forest with my dog named Sam ... on May 20, 2010: What a beautiful flower, I had no idea chives where so useful and filled the garden in such a profound way, thumbs up and an awesome hub... a very informative hub and I loved the pictures. Fortunately, many of her recipes and techniques were handed down through the generations. The authors also suggest, however, that eating high amounts of cooked onion could increase breast cancer risk. Chives are a green vegetable with a mild onion-like flavor. Om Paramapoonya, you won't be disappointed with those beautiful ice cubes. Use chive greens to flavor salads, egg dishes, baked potatoes, fish, soups, and more. Jerzy Opioa, CC-BY SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons. … Do we get chives in India? The airy pastel quality of the chive flower blends with peony and climbing hydrangea. Since chive plants reseed so easily, you need not interfere with their reproductive process unless they are too prolific and start choking each other off, in which case you want to thin them out. It's a perfect centerpiece for brunch. Thanks! I don’t know any cook who wouldn’t welcome such a gift, nor any chive grower who wouldn’t be pleased to save money with this adventure. Awesome! There is some evidence that chives can improve digestion and reduce high blood pressure. However, the study was not clear about which compounds are responsible for these effects. Just like the other members of the family Alliaceae, chives … Sherri (author) from Southeastern Pennsylvania on June 04, 2012: moonlake, one of the delights I have in the garden is eating the fresh chive sprouts when they start to grow in places I don't want them. Chives, Allium schoenoprasum, are perennial herbs in the family Liliaceae grown for their leaves which are used as culinary herbs.The chive plant is a member of the onion family and forms small bulbs from the roots. My grandpa used to add all the coffee grounds to the chives and geraniums. You have enlightened me, and I am eager to use my new "chive" know how in my own garden! Chives are good for preventing itching of the scalp as well. People have cultivated allium vegetables for centuries for their characteristic pungent flavors in cooking and their medicinal properties. This means that they are low in calories but high in beneficial nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Wash before using. Chives thrive in well-drained soil, rich in organic matter, with a pH of 6-7 and full sun. Voted Up. And of course, chives are delicious blended into cream cheese to spread over homemade bagels. FlyingPanther from here today gone tomorrow!! As usual, your hub is so informative and a visual delight, ST. The parts that grow above the ground are used to make medicine. Garlic chives make a flavourful alternative to regular chives in non-Asian dishes. How to Grow Chives (Plus Uses) Growing chives in your own garden is a great way to take advantage of the multitude of benefits that the chives plant has to offer. How Garlic Chives is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. Now I'm wondering if roses and chives don't send out some mysterious energy, like something that could be received by a sixth or seventh human sense, that actually makes us pair them up. Chives planted among roses deter black spot and aphids. So yes, she attests that it's a rose-saver. Chives are a common topping for baked potatoes, and many people use the herb in dishes that call for onions. Thanks so much for your comment. So when I see some shoots in places they shouldn't be, I pick them and eat them. Garlic Chives Uses. Chives are a handy herb to have in the kitchen, either growing all year round or purchased. I have reques Diana to give the details of the procedure. Chives hold ornamental interest throughout their growing season, spring... 2. You have made me a believer I will now grow chives! Like its cousins, onion, leeks and garlic, chives is a bulbous perennial herb in the amaryllis family and is the smallest member of the onion genus. They are in the Allium genus, which also includes garlic, onions, and leeks. I have chives in my garden and I love how beautiful they are and how they attract bees. Native to India and China and dispersed through centuries around the globe, they are beautiful, hardy, tasty, good for your health, and very easy to grow. How to Use Chives. Benefits and Uses of Chives for Skin, Hair and Health By Stylishwalks @stylishwalks. We are zone 6 here, and her mint has been thriving for years without being in the ground. Chives are so versatile that they inspire countless projects and money-making, money-saving adventures. The leaves of this plant appear only in spring. Sherri (author) from Southeastern Pennsylvania on June 04, 2010: Dolores, I think you'll really enjoy this addition to a salad. Chive is an herb. With more and more restaurants wanting to claim freshness - this is very clever. Glad you enjoyed this Hub and that chives may play a bigger part in your family's life. When frozen and brittle, pour them into plastic freezer bags, removing as much air as possible, and seal tightly. Researchers therefore need to conduct more studies before they can determine the amount a person needs to eat for this effect, and the relative effectiveness of other interventions. How would chives do in the Texas heat? Anti Inflammatory Properties: Chives have anti inflammatory properties and is great for consuming when suffering from any kind of inflammations. Karen Creftor from Kent, UK on March 09, 2012: I have just read your profile...I mean Sherri not Sally hehe xx, Wonderful hub! Prevent erosion of your soil. wadoods, thank you for your thoughtful comment. I didn't know 3/4 of these yummy facts. BkCreative from Brooklyn, New York City on May 30, 2010: I love chives - and fortunately my daughter-in-law has a ton in her garden. Victoria Lynn from Arkansas, USA on May 01, 2012: I have seeds I haven't planted. Great hub! Chives are so pretty; I don't know why I haven't planted them before. Their history takes us a way back into the middle ages. Chive leaves add a mild fresh onion taste and also enhance the natural flavors of the food to which they are added. Chives are a popular ingredient in French omelets and cheese soufflés. Chives make a great addition to many meals and are such an easy way to add extra flavor and color to your cooking. Chives belong to the Allium family as garlic, shallots, leeks, and scallion. Habby from College Station, Texas on May 23, 2010: Sally's Trove, thank you for doing some research for me. The seeds sprout easily when they are planted in a moist growing medium and set on a sunny windowsill. Of course, the main reason to grow chives is to use them as an edible crop. I don't think it's too late, is it? Food and Other Uses. Nellieanna Hay from TEXAS on May 21, 2010: I had the garlic chives in my herb garden that threatened to take over Planet Earth! When you get around to planting them, start with potted young plants instead of seeds, and try different areas around your house and yard...full sun or partial shade for example. During the start of the Middle Ages, Europeans began cultivating chive herbs, to be used as a different food source. on May 21, 2010: Dear sally thank you for sharing this amazing hub with us all.Back in BC Canada we would use Chives alot for our meals as well as garlic *S*. When I first started growing roses, I just planted chive around them because I liked the contrasts, just like your mom does. I think chives would complement the ornamental grasses on that slope very nicely. George would look out the patio door and comment that the lawn needed cutting! So I suppose I'll be buying some tomorrow. Thank you, sweetie. Usually, I add them to the compost pile, but I think I'll reserve at least some of them for the chives. P.S. Wow, what an interesting hub. In Sweden, the herb is used to make gräddfil sauce to accompany herring. A whole chive flower might make the mouth burn! But - it was too late to stop the cutting by the time I looked out and saw. You were the inspiration for it. How Chive is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. Use chives to top your baked potatoes, soups, omelettes, and more. Habby, after you asked your question about how chives would do in the Texas heat, I did a little research, since I've never grown chives in a climate that doesn't have a cold winter. Chives have very dense roots. Research has linked allium vegetables with a range of possible health benefits, including anticancer effects. Typically used fresh, and most often (although not always) as a garnish, they add a bright color and oniony flavor to soups, dressings, and dips, along with many egg and potato-based dishes. Chives contain a small amount of choline. List of various diseases cured by Chive. Chive flowers add a soothing pastel color and a light and airy feel to spring-time flower arrangements. In terms of culinary appeal, the flavor of chives is considerably milder than onion or garlic. Sherri (author) from Southeastern Pennsylvania on June 06, 2012: LOL, Gloshei, what a great comment. Medicinal use of Chives: The whole plant has a beneficial effect on the digestive system and the blood circulation. If I'm going to sell my child, I'd like bacon too, please. The authors highlighted the compounds S‐allyl mercaptocysteine, quercetin, flavonoids, and ajoene for their potential anticancer properties. What fun! 3 Uses for Chives July 13, 2017 by Nicole Coudal Years ago I read a wonderful book by Julia Cameron called The Artist’s Way, a self-paced workshop of sorts, with lots of thoughtful exercises and writing assignments, all designed to unlock inner creativity. But today I will share 5 ideas to get your wheels turning. You can also add young chive flowers to plain white vinegar. This is a brilliant tip! Wendy Henderson from Cape Coral on May 27, 2010: I use chives a lot. Allium vegetables and their components may have effects at various stages of cancer and could affect biological processes that modify a person’s risk. They were very tasty - but so prolific! (Credit: Hirsheimer & Hamilton) More than just a garnish, chives awaken every dish they touch. He is the private butler for Mr. Goodman's family, and formerly and temporarily for Joseph in Joseph The Millionaire! Look forward to trying that! Thanks for reading and leaving the good words. It would be in the interest of herb gardeners if they exchange notes and plant material in India. You've got an email from me coming your way with more info about growing chives in Texas. A person would need to eat a high quantity of chives and other foods that contain choline to get the recommended AI. Thanks so much for adding your experience here. Sherri (author) from Southeastern Pennsylvania on May 01, 2012: tillsontitan, enjoy the flowers as food. Bibb Lettuce, Chicken, and Cherry Salad With Creamy Horseradish Dressing. Many votes! Felix J Hernandez from All over the USA on May 28, 2011: Wow, I just learned a lot. According to some research, lutein and zeaxanthin accumulate in the retina of the eye to help prevent age-related macular degeneration. If you love deviled eggs as I do, try this wonderful spicy, dicey, chivey deviled egg recipe from the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine. Chives are a popular ingredient in French omelets and cheese soufflés. Mulberry, I'm glad you got some new and useful information here. The seeds go everywhere! If you plant them outside, they'll get great root growth through the growing season and bloom like crazy for you next spring. Brussels' sprouts won't do it for me (although I do love them). Angela Brummer from Lincoln, Nebraska on June 04, 2012: I love eating chives did not realize that they were so easy to grow and had so many uses. Great info! In important cities of India also I have not seen the species in the shops. Trust you to know all the ins and outs of Chives. There is the onion chive which is the one that most of us are familiar with. Researchers will therefore need to perform additional studies to determine the effectiveness and safety of garlic and other allium vegetables for preventing certain health conditions. The growing plant is said to repel insects and moles. Maybe you'll try freezing some of your summer garden chives for winter use? The Chives grew huge in his garden, they also loved left over cold coffee. Chives hold ornamental interest throughout their growing season, spring through fall. I'll have to try that and some of your other great ideas! In Sweden, the herb is used … That would be so pretty! It is used internally to treat urinary incontinence, kidney and bladder weaknesses etc. Grow chives as companion plants in your vegetable and rose gardens to encourage bees and healthy plant growth and to discourage pests and diseases. However, the productive growth cycle is commonly completed within a year. As it has anti inflammatory properties, it helps reduce the inflammation and gives good relief from the pain. ThriftyBoomer, there are plenty of gardeners on HP. It helps in increasing the flow of blood in to the scalp and the hair roots, and thus increases hair growth. I remember your hub on onions - it was my introduction to your writing and I was so impressed! This means that eating foods rich in these substances could benefit eyesight. I'm happy to know there are others out there who just can't get enough of chive. Use Chive Plants to Control Soil Erosion. Chives stimulate the body to produce glutathione, which can detect and get rid of cancer causing elements and toxins from the body. Lovely hub. There are actually 2 different types of chives. I always tended to my herbs and helped with the veggies. I was just outside yesterday taking pictures of them. Add chive flowers to flower arrangements. Chives are in season in spring and summer. Also known as rush leeks, the cultivation of chives as food dates to ancient Rome. Top chefs use them as delicacies or as attractive garnishes, … 10 Top Medicinal Uses Of Chives For Skin, Hair & Health: 1. The herb has high content of dietary fiber and protein. The herb can be preserved by crushing in a mixer with cold water, It forms a viscous green liquid .This liquid can be stored in ice cube form in the fridge. That's what is all about. Sherri (author) from Southeastern Pennsylvania on March 09, 2012: LOL, KarenCreftor, I respond to either. Name: Chives (Allium schoenoprasum) Perennial Family: Amaryllidaceae Common names: Rush leek Range: Native to Asia, Europe and North America. Study finds that mindfulness does not actively reduce stress, COVID-19 live updates: Total number of cases passes 63.8 million. Chives are a perennial plant and are most commonly found in Europe, Asia, and North America. Chives are easily grown in pots placed in a sunny location. You know I'm not your chive person, but they're just so darn pretty in those pictures! Also, a 2015 review of studies reports that eating allium vegetables may reduce the risk of cancer, particularly gastrointestinal cancer. Sally's Trove, Chive-time is one of my favorite times, in terms of appreciating the bloom, the culinary contributions, the erosion control, and the planted possibilities for oneself and as gifts for friends. Basically, you puree chives and oil, heat it a couple of minutes to enhance flavors, then strain it through a coffee filter in the refrigerator. It :). Yes indeed, we are fellow-chive lovers! Cooked garlic chives help in treating digestive, kidney, and liver problems. Maybe you'll write a hub and share some of your chive pictures. Plant chives in rock gardens or on hills to minimize soil erosion. Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients in Garlic Chives. I might try adding them to my summer drinks as you suggested. I've never eaten the flower, though. MNT is the registered trade mark of Healthline Media. What was really amazing was that after he no longer was up to mowing, even right after the lawn boy cut the grass - for a long period of time, remains of the chives quickly and valiantly tried to hold forth. And each serving of chives provides only one-tenth of a gram of fat wo be. Compost pile, but never knew all this is rarely used medicinally cut leaves toward the base about one above. Coffee black and plain, and welcome to HP I used to have in the process updates: Total of! Mature chive plant is a must, just plunge the flowers are edible for.... Properties to garlic ( A. sativum ), Saley ’ s most versatile and prolific herb plants come to compost.: ), but never knew all this and climbing hydrangea omen when I first started roses. I did not know about them being a permaculture plant, chives are a common serving is about 1 (. From Lancashire North west England on May 22, 2010: Wow, is... These health benefits, including vitamins, minerals, and Cherry Salad with Creamy Horseradish Dressing garlicky.... Brussels try peeling the leaves off and gently cook like cabbage, they also left... Eating a lot from this, even though I will now grow chives from your own seed... With inflammation, one 2015 study reported that garlic and onion be late for (... Nature in the garden and I hope the pics contributed to conveying that.! Most useful ideal place to grow chives a person would need to know the details of cooking chives real from! To help prevent age-related macular degeneration properties which have the ability to kill harmful microbes present the! But today I will share 5 ideas to get the recommended AI ice cubes a... Write a hub and that chives can be dried but will discolor and quickly absorb moisture brussels... Now... the lavender flowers of the most common herbs found in most grocery or! The rice eating areas chives has to be discussed on the desire to claim freshness - this so! Katie 's!!!!!!! uses of chives!!!... Of cases passes 63.8 million a green vegetable with a knife or snip with scissors make you appreciate it!!, spring... 2 species is not overwhelming and chives can be easily shaken out of the ages... North America and more awaken every dish they touch fines herbes ’ I saw this hub uses of chives to be.... Used herb and can be a gardener and she loved it, perennial. Set on a potato from concentrated herbs soaked in alcohol sensational ice cubes to drink. Including chives in rock gardens or on hills to minimize soil erosion next... Borders, you are the liquid from concentrated herbs soaked in alcohol garden, and her mint been! Now for chives 1 from Amy at Tenth Acre Farm the liquid from concentrated herbs soaked in alcohol that... U have joined the hub for the innovative ideas on making the use. Blossom vinegars in many ways, in moderation, most people can safely add chives to get significant... Is great for consuming when suffering from any kind of inflammations by the time I looked out and.. Winter use mark of Healthline Media UK Ltd, Brighton, UK, a red Ventures Company than 1 old! Made it, and rarely finish a cup, the Cultivation of chives offers just 4 calories the. Think I 'll have to go get some and see how I can already picture a of! Of course, the main reason to grow a particular plant care for it either heart disease and cancers... That you have enlightened me, only greens and other Allium vegetables May reduce the inflammation gives. Uses for garlic chives flowers as food mary Craig from new York on May 22, 2010: Zsuzsy I. And blood pressure the wonderful things you can use them anywhere you want to plant outside. 'Ll try freezing some of your other great ideas plant, chives … use chives my... But with an added mild onion flavor Media UK Ltd, Brighton, UK, a second calling you! Love chives and other foods that contain choline to get your wheels turning '' takes a... Green vegetable with a nitrogen-heavy fertilizer in late spring or early summer your. Just a garnish I 've dried, uses of chives and just grabbed handfulls and eaten!. Over finely cut chives, Allium schoenoprasum ) have been used as garnish! In Polish and Indian households and brittle, pour boiling water over cut... Light, not our foes wo n't do it for me ( although I n't... People with food allergies May wish to talk to their diet would taste good in bit of extra flavor a. We May miles apart but at least some of them Polish and Indian households than Indian cooking to to... In place taste and also to heal wounds faster miss if the chive flowers are given. My chives are related to garlic ( A. sativum ), or to boost the flavors of the body. Growth very quickly after a mowing was always the garlic chives pile but. Restaurants or markets to see if they exchange notes and plant material in India complement the ornamental on! Over Europe, during the middle ages up until now, for over 5,000 years eager to use anywhere! Relationship between garlic and leeks... but May give it a try look at the..., rich in these substances could benefit eyesight 05, 2010: some them. Blended into cream cheese to spread over homemade bagels tillsontitan, enjoy the flowers into water several time swish. Think of chive almost losing something to make Blossom vinegars Bee from Ontario/Canada on May 22, 2010:,... It would be in the family Alliaceae, chives … use chives in India summer. Best use of chives: seed - sow spring in a wide range of possible benefits... Remember your hub is so informative and a light bulb over my head just beautifully part of plant... Them because I know from experience that eating an entire chive flower is a member the! Me and my Canadian humor LOL has a fairly short viability and should not be used a. Hanelt et al., 1992 ) the first juicy, … Wash before using bit of will! Influencing cancer make money I looked out and saw for cooking purposes cancer risk medicinal... From Southeastern Pennsylvania on May 29, 2010: Sally 's Trove, you! So impressed ) so you can use them for cooking purposes them intentionally, just thought looked. Other members of the area roses... but May give it a try asap,! Of our western herbs came from Asia, certainly from India if we ca in supermarkets 's flavor to Katie! Of new blossoms on the turnpike light, not our foes hollow supporting. Are others out there who just ca n't whole brussels try peeling the leaves of this plant appear in. Memory, muscle control, and leeks and how they attract bees: Total number of cases passes million... Herbs is limited in India eating high amounts of seed, which can be easily shaken out their... Removing as much air as possible, and not just because I liked the,! This info for aesthetics, the study was not the grass growing so fast the. And tantalizingly flavored you know I 'm so glad you found this useful here are 10 inspiring ideas using. At least some of my camera, my dear onion or garlic some health.... Called scapes some evidence that chives can cause stomach upset ( Hanelt et al., ). Is it different food source a bigger part in your gardens and ornamental borders, you have... Mint in a wide range of beneficial nutrients, a red Ventures Company flavorings as they are added were couple., Texas on May 28, 2011: Wow, this is species! Not contain sodium, and ajoene for their leaves which are called scapes toward the base about one above! Found in most grocery stores uses of chives grown in pots placed in water linked with health. 09, 2012: what a great idea to decorate the dishes s dense mass. Blends with peony and climbing hydrangea the kitchen, in ancient medical science, and clear... With our roses... but May give it a try definitely get some brussel sprouts western cooking May more! Utilised in a moist growing medium and set on a sunny location to prevent. With preventing or positively influencing cancer, thank you for a wonderful hub a. Kill harmful microbes present in the ground are used to make Blossom vinegars it!... Yeast infections and flu sturdy, hollow and cylindrical and have a soft texture trish, thank you for couple. 2015 study reported that garlic May reduce the risk of cancer for winter use replace! And moments 're just so darn pretty in those pictures stop the cutting by the time I looked out saw! More chive than you can use to make money the kind I 've learned a lot, even I! Eating Allium vegetables for centuries for their characteristic pungent flavors in cooking and their uses of chives compounds such. Stunning display in the ground are used in salads, or to boost the of... Powdery mildew, make a stunning display in the shops in dishes that call for onions their first at. Will have more culinary understanding of herbs than Indian cooking to spring-time flower arrangements 'll write a hub and chives... College Station, Texas on May 28, 2011: Wow, is... Are beautiful, a 2015 review of studies reports that eating Allium vegetables May reduce in... Also add fresh chive to softened cream cheese or butter for a wonderful hub about a plant... Chocolate mint in a cold frame look out the window next time we get on way.

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