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The Golden Pino is sold around $220. It is one of the most expensive fish in the world. Platinum Arowana - $400,000. You may not have expected a stingray to even be on this list, let alone taking up second place, but this is no ordinary… Murder by poisoning. The Platinum Arowana – The Platinum Arowana is the top and most expensive aquarium fish. Grid List Platinum Arowana For Sale $ 5,000.00 – $ 15,000.00. The perils of being a champion arowana fish is not very different from those that enmesh a high-profile politician in a country in conflict. Platinum Arowana. Police motorcade activated for a trip to town. The Asian arowana is the most expensive aquarium fish on the planet, fetching tens of thousands of dollars in the pet and black markets. When looking at the prices of watches, it can come as a shock to see that a platinum watch can often cost twice as much as the same version in full 18k gold. Mafia abduction. Currently, platinum’s price per ounce stands at $892 (subject to change) but this wasn’t always the case. Consider this however. Since the late 1960s and early 1970s,—when it first garnered the interest of investors—platinum has a few series of record surges—the most at over $2,000 per ounce in 2008—and series of record plunges. That first Black Arowana that I had was about $12 or $15.00 in 1987 when it FINALLY came in on a special order. Called the Platinum Arowana room, the exclusive dining space is home to 18 pieces of priceless artworks and lavish interior design that is unlike any other. Why Are The Arowana Fish So Expensive Arowana fish price commands a steep amount because of its rarity. These dragonfish are particularly revered … ... Why arowana is so expensive? In other words, the platinum versio… In 2012, there was only one available for public… Rarity will be the biggest factor. Rolex employs a huge amount of security phases. Black market deals. Collectors have offered as much as $30,000 for this very exotic fish. why is platinum arowana so expensive. Its very hard to take care of arowana, even 1 died. It is also an endangered species which explains why more people want to keep them. I waited about 3-4 months on that fish. This is why it has an extraordinary price tag of 400,000 dollars. There are numerous types of Arowanas, most of which can easily grow up to three feet long. When the Asian Arowanas made it to CITES’ endangered species list, the prices become inflated due to strict trade and shipping regulations. The Peppermint Angelfish. Add to wishlist. These fish have been known to sell for over $400,000. The brand alone is so expensive; its finished products are also expensive. The Asian people believe that … Is Platnum A Good Investment The Platinum Arowana is one of the most expensive fish in the aquarium industry because of its beautiful color and the difficulty in breeding it in captivity. These fish have been known to sell for over $400,000. This fish is justly renowned both for its incredible rarity as well as its … Platinum Arowana has a stunning and shiny body like platinum. Typically as a marketed fish, your RTG's and Blood or Chilli Red's are going to command the biggest prices. At about $2,500 (£1,922) an ounce of palladium is more expensive than gold, and the pressures forcing its price up are unlikely to ease anytime soon. One of the most photographed fish at Aquarama 2007 is also one of the show’s most expensive – a platinum arowana with a mortgage-inducing price tag. Meet the Asian arowana, the unofficial Lamborghini of the sea—and the most expensive aquarium fish in the world. Poor security can affect a factory like Rolex, as it makes them vulnerable to theft. The same model made in platinum, on the other hand, has a retail price of roughly 68K EUR. In Asia, people are convinced that this rare and exotic fish will help them in gaining further wealth. Value of Platinum. Platinum tend to make for the most expensive wristwatches. He started out with an $800 Blue Base Golden Crossback which he named “Einstein.” A few Asian arowana color variations: Super Red, 24k Gold, and Platinum. That is how Emily Voigt depicts it in The Dragon Behind the Glass, a 2016 book on the arowana trade. The reason why is that it has unique complexities and varieties of color, which captivate the difficulty breeding. Select options. The Asian arowana is the world’s most expensive aquarium fish. ‎The Arowana is the world's most costly aquarium fish. It costs about $1,800 to produce one ounce of platinum. Besides having a unique color, this Arowana has a head that is slightly larger than other Asian Arowana types. The retail price is today around 32K Euros. This fish can reach larger size dimensions and is found in several continents. Another factor why the Arowana fish prices are so high is it’s very difficult to breed them. At its most expensive, the production costs for an ounce of gold is about $957 – nearly half of what platinum costs. In this article, learn about why the Asian Arowana price is so high and what other expenses to prepare for if you want to own this prized fish. Platinum is an industrial metal, and it's specifically a car industry metal. It is a tropical freshwater fish from the brackish swamps of Asia, the river basins of South America, and the pools and billabongs of Austrailia. Typically, the platinum mining process takes five to seven months and may require as much as 10 tons of ore to yield one ounce of platinum. Tell us about the arowana—aka the dragon fish—and why it has become so valuable.

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